Getting Green with Lena Thompson: What We Put Into And Onto Our Bodies Matters

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Living in the middle of Sydney, access to the freshest produce at a reasonable price is hard to come by. It is easy to be caught up in the busy pace around you and loose touch with how important our actions are on the environment.

I’ve interviewed the lovely Lena Thompson who runs the social campaign Connect to YOUR Community Garden, encouraging people to get involved and cultivate their food as its better for their health and our planets… environmentally and socially.

What have you found to be most rewarding about making your everyday life greener?

I have found that I have more of a sense of mindfulness about what I am putting into my body and my surroundings, therefore being more present with myself in everyday life.

How has your natural approach to food and being environmentally friendly extended to the ingredients you used on your face and body?

Over the past year I’ve really started taking a look at the products I use on my face and body. I think it’s really important to remember that just because products are heavily promoted in magazines, doesn’t mean they are okay for our faces and bodies! Exactly like someone going on a diet and looking at sugar and fat contents, we too need to look at the ingredients on the products our body absorbs externally. I personally have started using GAIA Skincare products, which are doing absolute wonders for my face.

Coming into spring and summer, what are you most excited about coming out from the garden?

I’m so excited to get back home and help out with my family’s huge vegetable garden on Lord Howe. We grow lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as it’s a lot harder to get fresh produce over from the mainland. I’m especially excited about eating our organic papaya and bananas, as well as making lots of kale pesto 🙂

With a busy schedule, how are you making sure your diet is staying green and sustainable?

I tend to buy a lot of vegetables from the chain supermarkets, as it is quite difficult without a car to find a farmers market and lug all of the fresh produce home. However, I always buy organic vegetables and majority of my dinners consist of LOTS of vegetables cooked many different ways: steamed, boiled, fried and baked with coconut oil or even just raw (veggie permitting!)

Lena runs a social campaign Connect To YOUR Community Garden, explore her wonderful blog at or check out her Twitter @Connect2Garden and Facebook at Connect to YOUR Community Garden.




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